Handcrafted in   the USA since 1950


      Welcome to Eamesdrumshells.com. This is the official site and launch pad of Eames Drum Company, home of Eames Finecraft, Finetone, Naturaltone and Mastertone North America Birch Handcrafted Drum Shells.

      Eames Drum Company was founded in 1950 when Ralph G. Eames purchased the drum making equipment that had been used since 1890 by the George B. Stone & Son Drum Company. Through skilled workmanship and the use of high quality materials, Mr. Eames became a Master Drum Maker, thereby upholding the fine tradition of his predecessor.

      Today I am still crafting each drum shell by hand in this New England tradition. As a drummer I understand the need for variety of both sizes and types of construction to match today's styles and tastes in music. I offer more than 50 sizes in four different birch ply lines.

      I believe that your shell selection will become a musical instrument of high quality and pride.

                                                            Drum Maker / Joe Mac

                                                                         Joe Mac


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